Krokodil is a form of Dropp used during Raunch. So far, it is the most dangerous and addictive form of Dropp, as it has been refined to nothing but its basic elements after many different uses and experiments through several Raunch sessions. After trying many combinations of potato chips with various dips, the GRYS Gentlemen's Club have started shedding off all excess, to get to the most unhealthy base and source of their addiction. Pure "Vickning" potato chips and clean Swedish sourcream. This has built such an addiction in those who consume this unfiltered Dropp that it rivals and surpasses even the pain of "Livet Utan Litche".

Adverse effectsEdit

Pure, unadulterated Krokodil is known to cause great grief to the user after initial consumption. Though there is a feeling of sheer joy the first time, the highs of Krokodil keep getting lower, as the lows get fiercer and take worse tolls on the body. Regular use of Krokodil will lead to:

  • Insecurity
  • Desperation
  • Heavy and uneven breathing at random intervals
  • Dry mouth
  • Inability to focus eyes and/or mind
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Phantom limb pains
  • Unwarranted fear
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Heightened rate at which the body decays


"Krokodil" shares its name with what is considered one of the most dangerous drugs in the entire world. It can also be split into two words combining into one. "Kroko" are considered to be the potato chips, seeing as how the brand "Crusti Croc" makes a lot different potato chips and sounds similar, while "Dil" is considered the sourcream. The Swedish name for sourcream is "Gräddfil", and by taking some of the letters in the words, you can build the word from it e.g. "grädDfIL". Note that the name has absolutely nothing to do with the Crocodile animal, as that would have made too much sense.