Raunch is an event takes place at irregular intervals with a random frequency in which many or all members of the GRYS Gentlemen's Club meet at GRYS HQ to be stripped bare of any form of human decency or dignity. The most regular practices during a raunch is eating a lot, making horrible noises and/or grunts, saying extremely indecent things and speaking horribly about people in one's life. Sometimes, a guest will be invited to a "lighter" form of Raunch, and get shocked and appalled even by this event in small doses. Raunch is one of the most vital parts of living life as a GRYS and/or a nDJUR.


The word "Raunch" is a bastardization of the word "Ranch" from ranch dressing, because this was one of the main ingredients used as food in the early days of raunch events.


The main foods and snacks used for a raunch are changing to meet the needs of the persons partaking. However, some foods have become more important than others, and are considered raunch staples. Some examples include (but are not limited, to):

  • Litche
  • Sourcream
  • One or more dips for chips, Fresh Island is currently the most common one
  • Chips in different flavors, for dipping. Some popular ones include "Vickning", "Sourcream & Onion" and "Lättsaltade". Wildcard flavors are always welcome too.
  • Chocolate blocks

Historical eventsEdit

Some raunch events and periods have gone down in GRYS history for being more extreme (or pathetic) than others in different ways.